Commercial Dishwashers and Wash Up Systems

Rhima’s range of commercial dishwashers, glass washers and commercial wash up systems is well suited to perform in any commercial kitchen or food service operation. We understand that not only is washing up a fact of life but it's a vital part of an overall process.

Rhima's knowledge is not limited to the commercial dishwasher. We specialise in the total washing up cycle, including maintaining the peak performance of your equipment.

  • Undercounter Dishwasher

    Rhima commercial under counter dishwashers are compact & powerful. Ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, bars, or wineries.

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    Commercial Undercounter & Underbench Dishwashers
  • Glass Washers

    If your operating on a budget or need high performance, sparkling and dependable results we have a commercial glass washer to suit your needs. Ideal for coffee shops, cafes, bars, wine cellars, take away, restaurants and other food service operations.

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    Commercial glass washers and bar washers
  • Pass Through Dishwashers

    Commercial pass through dishwashers, small or large. A Rhima pass through dishwasher is perfect for a busy commercial kitchen. Popular for either straight through or corner operations.

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    Pass Through Dishwashers
  • Pot Washers

    Also called utensil washers. For extra heavy duty washing up jobs that require more than a dishwasher. Machines available with extra high and wide wash compartments. Also granule style machines for heavy potwashing jobs.

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    Commercial Pot Washers
  • Rack Conveyor Dishwashers and Washers

    Rhima commercial rack conveyor dishwashers & rack conveyor washer systems. Heavy duty & time saving rack conveyor washers for commercial kitchens. Powerful, versatile and ergonomic.

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    Rack Conveyor Dishwashers and Washers
  • Wash Up Systems

    Rhima trolley washers, cutlery washer & automatic cutlery sorters can be integrated into your commercial operation to automate those tedious tasks.

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    Wash Up Systems
  • Dishroom Accessories

    Dish room equipment, cutlery racks, dishwashing detergent & accessories. Essential items to help keep your commercial kitchen operational & organised.

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    Dishwasher racks, cutlery racks, dishwashing detergent & wash up system accessories.