High Sparkle System

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Rhima's Hi Sparkle System works alongside your dishwasher and super filters the water for the final rinse removing salts and minerals to leave a truly spotless sparkling clean.

This technology is completely mechanical and without the use of chemicals. The membrane filters remove the minerals from the water producing pure deionised water. This water is then used for the final rinse giving a residue free result - no misting, spotting and no hand polishing.

Apart from a dedicated washing machine, impurities in final rinse water are often the cause of poor results. The secret to good glass washing is to leave as little residue as possible on the glasses after they have been washed and rinsed. Ideally glasses should be stored immediately upon exiting the washer without any need for further treatment.

Hi Sparkle eliminates the need for rinse aid and the need for polishing glasses. Payback is quick due to reduced breakage and reduction in labour costs. If you spend more than one hour per day cleaning glasses, then Rhima's Hi Sparkle will pay for itself in the short term.

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