Optima 400


  • Thermochrone final rinse
  • Read out display with language selection
  • Cycle run time indicator
  • Six programs including two clean cycles
  • Intensive final rinse
  • Energy saving
  • Thermostop
  • Specifically suited for connection to Rhima's High Sparkle RO-41 unit


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The Optima 400 is the perfect solution for coffee shops, lunch rooms, tea houses, bars and offices. The Optima 400 is primarily for cups, saucers, glasses and light sandwich plates. It is also well suited for glass washing operations that require extra washing power.

Optima 400 has a built in timed drain pump, this means that the machine can be installed in places where the actual waste connection is above rhe machine outlet point (max 500mm). The timed drain pump can be adjusted to suit varying conditions and can be installed above or under counter. It can also be supplied with optional runners to suit 17” x 14” glass racks.

The Optima 400 when connected to Rhima’s High Sparkle, has a scientifically designed wash and rinse system to allow optimum flow and pressure. This ensures sparkling results especially for glassware and cutlery, all the time every time. These brilliant results are irrespective of incoming water pressure, temperature or quality.

No polishing is required at all.

Detailed Specs Sheet

Optima 400 spec sheet
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