Complete Wash Up Systems

Rhima wash up and dishwashing systems integrate seamlessly with your whole dishwashing process. Every aspect of moving, washing, sorting and storing dishes is taken into account. Rhima wash up systems offer you flexibility that suits your specific processes, premises and number of employees.
  • Trolley Washers

    Integrated systems that improve overall dishroom efficiency. Stripping stations with automatic and semi automatic waste handling. Robotic unloading linked with transport conveyors minimise OH&S risks.

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    Trolley Washers
  • Cutlery Washers

    Special washing machines for cutlery which can be linked to automatic cutlery sorting machines and packaging machines, eliminate manual handling and improve hygiene.

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    Cutlery Washers
  • Cutlery Sorters

    Automatic cutlery sorter for use in-line with cutlery washer or stand alone. Saves labor by eliminating manual sorting and multiple handling of cutlery.

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    Cutlery Sorters