Wheelie Bin Washers

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Rhima supplies machines to wash wheelie bins - 120, 240 and 480 ltr.

We also have a large range of bin washers for 200ltr and 600ltr euro bins, big and mega boxes, custom bins, IBC’s and other types of production vessels. Machines can be either single units or fully automatic systems with destacking and stacking systems.

The machines are entirely constructed in stainless steel and are built to food grade standards. The units can be fitted with auto loading systems. The machines wash with hot 65o-75oC detergent water followed by a fresh water final rinse, which can be cold or hot - preferably 82oC. A sanitiser can also be injected during the final rinse. 

Features of the Bin Washers

- gear box driven wash arms that clean both internal and external part of bin, including the wheels
- all stainless construction
- complete with safety cage
- exhaust fan that starts up as door opens to remove possible infectious fumes
- bin cleaning in a closed environment
- no manual lifting
- gasketless door seals



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