Medical Washers and Medical Equipment Washers.

  • Ward Washing

    Medical equipment - washers & disinfectors. The Rhima Deko range flushes, washes & disinfects equipment resulting in improved infection control.

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    Deko 190, bedpan washer and Sanitiser
  • Dental

    Dental washer disinfectors & dental Instrument washers bring reliability & outstanding cleaning & disinfecting to your dental practice.

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    Dental Washer Disinfector

    CSSD & TSSU washer / disinfectors. Rhima Deko washers, drying cabinets & trolley washers. View our full range of Deko washers online.

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    CSSD and TSSU washer / disinfectors
  • Veterinary

    Veterinary washer disinfectors & veterinary instrument washers bring reliability & outstanding cleaning & disinfecting to your practice.

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    Veterinary Washer Disinfector
  • Pharmaceutical

    Rhima pharmaceutical washers & manufacturing washing equipment. From bench top to pass through, or custom built Pharmaceutical washing system.

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    Pharmaceutical Washers
  • Research

    Medical research washer disinfectors. Animal cage washers & laboratory equipment washers, either off the shelf washers or purpose built systems.

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    Medical Research Washers
  • Custom Built

    Rhima's custom built medical washers & disinfectors for the medical industry. A washing & disinfecting system for any need.

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    Custom built medical washers and disinfectors
  • Deko Range

    Deko Range Medical washers & Medical Washer - Disinfectors

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    Medical washers and medical washer-disinfectors