• Deko 260

    The Deko 260 is a microprocessor controlled washer thermal-disinfector designed for use in hospitals and laboratories. In addition to durability and efficiency, its versatility is a hallmark of its design.

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    Deko 260 medical washer and Disinfector
  • Deko 2000

    The Deko 2000 is a microprocessor controlled large capacity washer thermal-disinfector. Designed for use in all medical & pharmaceutical establishments, it has been built to withstand continual use.

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    Deko 2000 Instrument washer disinfector
  • Deko 2200 Drying Cabinet

    DC-2200 drying cabinet is designed especially for drying surgical instruments, anaesthetic hoses & equipment, as well as other reusable items used in patient health care.

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    Deko 2200 drying cabinet
  • Trolley Washing

    Rhima can supply specialist pass-through or single door purpose built trolley washers. They can have process verification and special racking to wash large items that cannot be processed in standard washer/disinfectors.

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    Medical Trolley washing