Deko 190 LC Washer Disinfector

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Deko 190 LC washer disinfector overview

The Deko 190 LC has the same capacity as the standard Deko 190, however it represents the latest technology in user interface applications in washer disinfectors.

The high brightness 2x20 character backlit LCD information & control panel provides the means to view cycle information in real time - cycle and phase name, temperature and remaining cycle time. The intelligent software provides you with advice on service actions. The maintenance and service file system restores valuable information for technical performance follow-up and evaluation.

The Deko 190 LC is designed and constructed to exceed the standard performance and design requirements stated in ISO EN 15883-1 Washer-disinfectors - Part 1: General requirements and Part 3: Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for human waste containers, together with the safety requirements stated in IEC61010-2-040 : Particular requirements for washer-disinfectors used in medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and laboratory fields

Traceability & verification to fit your system requirements

In order to guarantee that the values of the critical process variables were truly obtained and as programmed, the Deko 190 LC is equipped with Level A or, optionally B - independent process verification system (see ISO EN15883-1).

The critical process values ie. temperatures, times, pressures, detergent dosage, faults, as well as descriptive cycle data, can be independently recorded for your Quality Assurance System by an optional process verification ink printer.

Archive information includes: name of your institution, date & time, machine identification, cycle number, selected cycles's name, phase descriptions, detergent dosage stage, chamber temperature throughout the process, washing pressure and faults.

Deko 190 LC washer disinfector specsheets

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