Deko 260 Washer Thermal - Disinfector

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Better control over your disinfection protocols

A microprocessor offers the choice of five different programs. Wash water temperature can be easily adjusted to enable the cleaning of items ranging from surgical instruments to rubber, plastic, glassware and anaesthetic hoses. The disinfection time and temperature are programmable from 87ºC to 93ºC and from 1 to 10 minutes, and can be adjusted through the use of special codes. In the event of a malfunction, a red indicator displays, and if the set values for time and temperature have not been reached, the door will not open. A security lock also prevents the door from being opened while the machine is in operation. A chart recorder, printer and cycle counter are optional.

Touch construction

The Deko 260 has rotating wash arms and an automatic connection for spray racks to facilitate the injection of water into instruments, hoses and bottles. The design of the removable wash arms ensures complete contact with all parts of the load and wash chamber, in addition to allowing for easy cleaning of the spray holes. The sliding shelves are mounted on the sides of the wash chamber and are fully removable allowing for a diversity of loading options. Detergent dosage is carried out automatically by a pump and can be easily regulated for agents with varying concentrations. An extra detergent pump, wetting agent pump and distilled water feed are available as options.

Fully customised  programs

The Deko 260 comes with three washing programs as standard; two other programs can be utilized as needed. The content of programs can be easily altered to meet special needs. Depending of the number of selected phases, the programs run from between 10 to 60 minutes. In models with an integrated drying unit drying time and temperature are regulated independently.

Deko 260 medical washer and Disinfector