Pasta Vera ensures food safety and increases productivity with a Rhima LP4 large cabinet washer

"Pasta Vera has a passion for fresh Pasta.  Based in Christchurch they are a manufacturer of Fresh Pasta, Pesto and delicious baked Lasagne supplying the Food Service sector nationwide. Established 15 years ago by Husband and wife team Phil Bennett and Linda Murphy they have achieved strong growth and now have a team of 15 people. 

Food hygiene is a key component to food safety and quality, Pasta Vera take that seriously so have invested in a new commercial washer for their kitchen.  The Rhima LP4 is a large cabinet washer and allows a range of products to be washed from crates and bins to pots and baking trays. Not only has it improved hygiene, it has reduced wash times as products can be washed in a matter of minutes.  Staff time is no longer wasted on a job no one likes and they can now concentrate on what they love, making Italian Food.

Phil Bennett from Pasta Vera says "the Rhima LP4 is an excellent addition to our operation as it allows our staff to focus on production rather than dishes, this has enabled us to manage further growth with far better utilisation of our teams valuable time”....."

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