Rhima’s LP4 washers makes Grinning Gecko Cheese's life a little it easier

A small artisan producer, Grinning Gecko Cheese is the latest company to take advantage of one of Rhima’s LP4 washers. Using The LP4 to clean all their moulds, mats, trays and production equipment in a matter of minutes.

This award-winning cheese manufacturer know all about getting their processes right. They source top quality, export standard certified organic milk from one herd of Ayrshire cows. The cheese is handmade on the day of milking. (They start the process around one hour after milking!)

They then use a batch pasteurising process, which is a very gentle method of pasteurisation using non-animal rennet. With all cheese handmade and aged on site so they can keep the quality to a high standard.

The consistency in production process allows them to produce top quality cheeses day after day. Part of this process is to make sure that everything is cleaned to high level. Rhima’s LP4 washer gives them a Standard Operating Procedure, each mould is washed to the same high level every time. This is very important due to the wide variety of cheeses they make.

They also care about the environment and choose Rhima due to the savings we offered in water and detergent use. They reuse the hot water from their pasteurising process to fill the LP4 washer to further save in water and energy use.

Another spin off is labour savings says Catherine McNamara “one block mould used to take us ten full minutes to clean from dirty to putting it back on the shelf. We can now wash all our block moulds, draining mats and trays in two, three minute, cycles – which turns this two hour job into a 10 minute job. We are saving around 12 hours labour a week at the moment, which will only increase as we grow. Our staff just love it as they can happily move onto more pleasant and higher value activities”

There are four sizes in the LP range but they chose the largest as the wash area of LP4 is 1350 x 725 x 820mm high allowing them to clean all their bigger items such as large plastic containers and stainless-steel hurdles etc. while improving throughput.

To view their award winning artisan cheeses visit http://grinninggecko.co.nz

For more information on the LP range please contact Robert at Rhima on 0800 902 054.