GS-35 Benchtop glasswasher

The GS-35 is Rhima's most compact model, ideal for cup and glass washing in bars, coffee shops, wine cellars, take away and other food outlets that need to comply with HACCP guidelines.

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The GS-35 benchtop glasswasher is a compact, top quality stainless steel (AISI304) bar washer designed for areas with limited space; the GS-35 has all the benefits of the separate wash and rinse action used in larger machines. The GS-35 benchtop glasswasher is ideal for bars, coffee shops, wine cellars, take away and other food outlets that need to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Refer to downloadable specification sheet or call Rhima for more information on the GS-35 benchtop glasswasher 1300 347 944


  • Small compact machine which means that it can be installed where there is limited space
  • Double walled door which means that less heat escapes and the machine is not hot to touch
  • Easy to use soft touch panel that shows temperature and alarm errors
  • Thermostop which is a safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle in order to comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Built in detergent pump which eliminates manual dosing of detergent
  • Built in rinse aid injector for final rinse
  • Easy to remove nozzles and filter for cleaning
  • Back flow prevention valve that stops the dirty water from leaking back into the clean wash water
  • Four cycles pre-set to 60/90/120 and 180 seconds
  • Low water consumption (approximately 1.4 ltrs per cycle)
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel construction
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    • Power supply 240V
    • Total power 2.08 kW
    • Total current 10 amp
    • Wash tank capacity 9.5 ltr
    • Rinse water consumption (per cycle) 1.4 ltr
    • Rinsing temp (approx) 85 °C
    • Rack size 350 x 350 mm
    • Tallest washable glass 19.5cm
    • Weight (empty) 28kg
    • Water connection 3/4″ hose
    Can I wash other items in glasswashers (eg, cups and saucers)?

    Yes other items such as plates, cups and saucers can be washed in glasswashers. Rhima glasswashers use the same washing technology as our larger dishwashers. You can wash cups, saucers and lightly soiled plates. It is not recommended to wash dinnerplates. If your glasswasher has been set up with our High Sparkle system then we recommend use for glasses only.

    The Optima range has a clean cycle which means the rinse water is saved for the next wash which allows mixed loads.

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    Why are commercial dishwashers so fast?

    There are a number of reasons why a commercial dishwasher is faster than a domestic dishwasher.

    The main reason is that domestic dishwashers are designed to clear the dirty dishes and wash up for a family setting of six persons and all items, dishes, bowls, cutlery etc are loaded at the same time. Clean up quickly and afterwards there is enough time for the machine to do its job. Ease of loading all dishes at once is more important than actual washing up time.

    A commercial dishwasher needs to turn the dishes around quickly, therefore quantity of dishes loaded is not as important a speed of loading and washing. To achieve this, dishes are spaced slightly more apart, only one layer/rack is washed at a time. One rack is loaded/unloaded while another is being washed. Often plates are washed separately from cups, glasses, cutlery etc to speed up the process.

    Chemicals are stronger. Pumps are more powerful. A commercial dishwasher is working in a commercial environment giving a constant clatter of dishes and audible pumps.

    How do I choose a commercial dishwasher / What is the best commercial dishwasher?

    The best commercial dishwasher is the one that suits your particular type of operation. If you have a wine bar or offer cellar door tastings, then a compact glasswasher would be ideal. If you are in an area with relatively hard or chlorinated water then you may want to add a high sparkle RO unit to improve final results.

    A small to medium sized coffee shop, reception area in a showroom, ice cream parlour,  a small office environment and you may want to consider a bar washer, which is a machine with slightly more power that a glass washer and would be capable of washing light plates, cups, saucers and glassware.

    If you are a food establishment serving light meals then the smallest machine that would suit is an under-bench dishwasher. These are available in various configurations. Small restaurants, office canteens, schools, ward kitchens and pantries where space is at a premium. Machines are also available with disinfection cycles for high risk areas such for gastro outbreaks as nursing homes, child care etc.

    If you have a larger establishment then a pass through dishwasher would be better suited. Pass through machines give a clear physical separation between soiled and clean items which is a good HACCP hygiene principle. Inlet benches can be fitted with sinks and overhead spray units (pre-rinse spray). Note that a pre-rinse spray should not be connected to hot water, first of all for safety reasons and secondly use tepid water to prevent soil baking on.

    Moving up from pass through dishwashers the next size would be a conveyor dishwasher. These are available in either a rack conveyor configuration where by dish racks are automatically transported through the various pre-wash, wash, rinse and dryer stages or as continuous conveyor dishwashers (so called flight type machines).

    Expert advice is required to help determine the best outcome for your operation. Rhima specialises in washing machines and has a full product range to give you independent expert advice.