Cookie Time

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“We have reduced the time spent in the wash room by more than 50%…”

Rhima has just installed one of their Cabinet washers at Cookie Time Factory in Christchurch.

Cookie time has been making Cookies since 1983!  Since that time they have built their business into one of New Zealand’s icons. You eat their cookies on planes, have a bucket of them at Christmas and they are sent all over the world as a reminder of home to all the kids doing their overseas exchange.

Cookie Time has been around for years so know the advantage of buying equipment that lasts. The Rhima LP4 was chosen due to its large size and robust design.

Staff were spending a lot of time cleaning trays and other production equipment and it was a job no one liked doing.  According to Dean Gibbs engineering manager at Cookie Time “We have reduced the time spent in the wash room by more than 50% and even get the bar trays washed.  The washer has worked out to be better than we had hoped.”

Automating the process has not only reduced time and labour costs it has also allowed the products to be cleaned consistently while the 82 degree final rinse ensures the products are sanitised.

Product: LP4 pot and utensil washer