Pure and Clean: A Commercial Dishwasher for Your Distillery

If a diamond is a girl’s best friend, then one can argue that a good liquor bottle is a man’s best friend. After all, the warm sensation that you can get after a good swig of liquor is simply heaven after a full day of hard work. Though we have mentioned that a good bottle of liquor is a man’s best friend earlier, it is safe to say that everyone, regardless of gender, appreciates it now and then. Although you might prefer to buy branded bottles of liquor that brand is mainly associated by color (if you know, then you know), buying locally made liquor is not a half-bad idea, too. Additionally, there are times when they taste good – if not even better than the store-bought ones you can find! However, how do you know if their bottles are clean enough to put liquor in? The answer is simple – they use commercial dishwashers, of course!

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A New Problem For The New Age

Now that the last year’s COVID-19 scare is hopefully behind us, the demand for the things that were once normal is on the constant rise, too. That means that bars, brick-and-mortar stores, and, yes, distilleries too. Though it is a good thing from a business perspective, looking at things from a post-pandemic angle puts things more precariously.

Since we are still hot off the heels of a contagious disease, we must ensure that everything we use and touch is safe from dangerous viruses and bacteria. This means that everything must be as clean as possible, even the things that we used to eat in. Though it might sound like something a hypochondriac might do, there is still an undeniable advantage to this practice. A clean environment – and in the case of distilleries, bottles – will ensure that everybody can have the time of their lives without compromising their health in the long run.

An Answer To Your Prayer: Commercial Dishwashers

Luckily, commercial dishwashers can be more than capable of cleaning everything – even bottles – for your distillery!

Though dishwashers might sound like a rip-off due to their complicated nature and high price, the advantages that dishwashers can bring you are still unparalleled. At best, dishwashers are shown to use less water and can help you save more money for your water bills in the long run. That, and add to the fact that commercial dishwashers are specifically designed to help distilleries with their powerful function and relatively compact size, makes dishwashers a worthy purchase in the long run.

The Pass-Through Bottle Washer: Your Distillery’s Next Hero!

Now that the advantages of a reliable commercial dishwasher for your distillery have been discussed, you might be wondering which you should be buying for your distillery. There are thousands of them available, and not all of them would be able to give you an excellent experience in the long run. But here comes Rhima to the rescue – and in style, too!

Rhima’s incredible Pass-Through Bottle Washer is an impressive commercial dishwasher that’s more than capable of helping you out! It’s a surprisingly functional bottle washer that’s perfect for your distillery – and then some! Since the Pass-Through Bottle Washer is also as compact as it is, you can rest assured that it’s as powerful as it is small, too!

Choosing a dishwasher: how to choose a dishwasher for your distillery

Now, you’re more than convinced that the Pass-Through Bottle Washer is the best dishwasher for your distillery. However, there are still some things that you might need to consider if you might want to buy a dishwasher for every other need.

For one thing, you should always choose a dishwasher that’s compact. Since Rhima mainly offers commercial dishwashers, you can rest assured that all the dishwashers they have to offer are as reliable and as robust, even with their relatively compact size! Why? Although going bigger and better might be the best for most businesses, you wouldn’t be using most of it in the long run. Hence, always remember to choose a dishwasher that’s just the perfect size for your business.

Maintenance Packages that are Available as Service Support

When the day comes that your Pass-Through Bottle Washer fails for some unforeseen reason, worry not – we here at Rhima provide a stellar 24/7 support system! We also have a central office that can supply you with your every need, too. However, that is not all – purchase of the Pass-Through Bottle Washer also includes warranty, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP and infection control, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply, and accessories as an after-sales support package.

However, Rhima can also arrange a contract-based regular maintenance service that can take your mind away from any other woes that you might have regarding the product. Certified Rhima professionals will go over your dishwasher to maintain them and ensure running as smoothly as possible.

The following are some of the advantages of Rhima preventive maintenance:

  • You will be able to save money on your power bills.
  • Costs of complete maintenance are reduced.
  • Water conservation
  • Detergent consumption is minimal.
  • It extends the life of the equipment and protects against significant repairs that may occur unexpectedly.
  • Unexpected costs and downtime are avoided.


Who will install and service my machine? 

Rhima has a team of qualified engineers and technicians located across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore to install and service machines. We can also train and support onsite maintenance staff. If you are based in a rural town, we can also work with a local contractor to ensure your machine is serviced to our standards. Full online & onsite service is available in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rhima for your local provider

What’s covered under the warranty of my machine? 

Rhima stands behind the products it sells and will repair or replace any part, which in Rhima’s sole judgment is defective in material and artistry. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for complete details.

What is the life expectancy of a commercial dishwasher?

A commercial dishwasher’s life expectancy depends on many factors; under normal conditions and use, a dishwasher should give eight years of good service life. However, there are situations where a machine is 20 years old and still performing well, even though some of the technology is outdated.

What determines the life of a commercial dishwasher these days is the cost of maintenance. When one of these parts fails, the repair cost may be higher than a total replacement cost with bespoke electronics.

The Pass-Through Bottle Washer: The Dishwasher Your Distillery Needs!

When push comes to shove, the Pass-Through Bottle Washer ensures that you’re getting a fantastic dishwashing service for your distillery, too! Remember, having a clean drinking environment is one of the best services you can give your customers. So give it a try today! Trust us – it’s the key to make your distillery that much more appealing in the long run!