Rhima provides washing solutions for every situation


Glass Washing & UnderbenchSolutions

Glass Washers are benchtop or under bench washers that are dedicated in their set up to wash glasses. Since many glass washers are front of house it is important that they are quiet and have a gentle washing action. Sparkling clean glasses with no hand polishing is a reality. Rhima's High Sparkle System works alongside your dishwasher and micro-filters the water removing salts and minerals to leave a truly spotless sparkling clean. All Rhima’s under bench machines have a pump out drain as well as thermostop, which is a safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle in order to comply with HACCP guidelines.


Pass Through & UtensilSolutions

The Rhima pass through dishwashers are high volume and ideal for most restaurants. Due to the smooth operation of no bending or lifting, racks can be loaded while the machine is in process. Hygiene is also improved as there is now a clear separation between soiled and clean dishes. The pass through machines are fully panelled for safety & hygiene with anti-clogging stainless steel wash & rinse arms. Rhima’s LP-series are front loading universal washers. There are four versions each with different wash capabilities and different size racks/usable heights to suit different washing applications. They can be used for washing: weigh heads, utensils, buckets and tubs, spare parts, crates, pots, trays and many other items.


Tunnel WashersSolutions

The Rhima rack conveyor and flight type dishwashers are the ideal answer for demanding customers such as restaurants, canteens, schools, hospitals, hotels of any size, cruise-liners, caterers and airports. Very user-friendly and intuitive, they are extremely functional both in the washing process and for daily cleaning and maintenance operations. The range of Rhima tunnel crate washers can meet all requirements when it comes to wash crates, containers, pots, pans, utensils and all types of items used for food processing. They represent the ideal solution for bakeries, pastries and for the general food industry, which require a seamless flow of clean containers.


Industrial WashersSolutions

Rhima supplies reliable industrial washers off the shelf or custom built to your specifications to comply with HACCP guidelines.


Medical WashersSolutions

Rhima specialises in equipment washing systems for businesses, industries and environments where impeccable hygiene and cleanliness are essential. Are you looking for total infection control in your facility? Rhima supplies combined washer disinfector machines that flush, wash and disinfect all ward items in one contained process according to ISO 15883-3.



Cleaning is regarded as a side-effect of a production process rather than being an integral part of it. Rhima can supply machines built to order and to your specifications to comply with HACCP guidelines. There is also a large range of off-the-shelf products. Rhima can make a site visit to discuss your requirements.

  • Pot and Utensil machines
  • Rack Conveyor machines
  • Flight type machines
  • Crate washing machines
  • Bin washing machines
  • Pallet washing machines
  • Cage and Trolley washing machines
  • Tray and Mould washing machines
  • General washing machines
  • Preventative maintenance and HACCP testing


Washing up is a fact of life in any kitchen. Rhima does not see it as a chore, but as a vital part of an overall process. Rhima’s knowledge is not limited to the commercial dishwasher, they specialise in the total washing up cycle, including maintaining the performance of the equipment.

  • Glass washing machines
  • Underbench machines
  • Pass through machines
  • Pot and utensil machines
  • Preventative maintenance and HACCP testing


Cleaning at ward level is in most cases a risky manual process. At ward level all re-useable items should be treated as infectious. They need to be made safe before commencing any further processing stages. The Deko machines are large capacity, washer thermal-disinfectors. Designed for use in all medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary establishments, they have been built to withstand continual use.

  • Underbench disinfection machines
  • Pass through disinfection machines
  • Bed pan washer disinfectors
  • General washer disinfectors
  • Drying units
  • General washer disinfectors with drying
  • Trolley washers
  • Thermal validation and maintenance testing

What Our Customers Have to Say

Why why-rhima ?

Rhima brings together the best equipment available and represents European specialist manufacturers on the Australasian market. Our suppliers are international companies that have non-competing product lines.

Rhima’s equipment ranges from off-the-shelf machines to specialised/custom built washing equipment built to the following standards:

  • TGA
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • TST

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About 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic is manufactured and this is growing every day. Only 9% is being recycled. Where does the rest go?

Let’s wash our way to a solution. Wash and Reuse. We made the change with our coffee cups, reusable straws, drink bottles and shopping bags – why not expand this.

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