An Inevitable Thing: How Your Kitchen Can Benefit From Commercial Dishwashers

It’s not every day that your kitchen might be able to have a busy day unless it’s a national holiday, too. However, don’t let that fool you – that can always change depending on your situation! Remember, good food plus excellent location equals eventual success in the long run, too. But there’s one more factor that you might consider beforehand. There’s yet another, more efficient thing left for you to do if you want to ensure commercial success with your kitchen. Your food might be good, and you might be situated in a good part of the town, but if your service is still slow, then it’s all for nothing in the long run. And that’s why your kitchen needs a commercial kitchen dishwasher that can handle all your cleaning needs for you!


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Why does a kitchen need a commercial kitchen dishwasher in the first place?

You might think that the need to hire more people to clean your dishes for your kitchen might be the best course of action. After all, we’re still hot off the heels of the pandemic – and there’s still a demand for more jobs for everyone. Everyone’s looking for a job, and everyone can accept whatever they can to get through.

But though that might sound like a good idea – and it is – hold your horses for a moment.

Although commercial dishwashers might seem like more of an expenditure than a thing of convenience, there’s more to the story than just that. Most – if not all – commercial dishwashers are pre-programmed to be as environmentally efficient while remaining functional at the same time. Though some of them might come at a steep price, they can help you save more money in the long run, thanks to their excellent functions. In fact, a study conducted has shown that not only did an automatic dishwasher help a company cut their labor times by up to 40%. They also significantly reduced the chance of user error when it comes to washing sanitizing as well.

Additionally, commercial dishwashers come with the added bonus of helping you save resources in the long run. Though it has already been mentioned above, commercial dishwashers are specifically designed to help you save water, too! Another study conducted mentioned that a commercial dishwasher has saved more than 20,500 gallons of water per year, too. Hence, it would be able to help you cut costs every year, too.


Rhima dishwashers: a kitchen’s solution to their every problem!

If you want an effectively efficient dishwasher for your kitchen, then you’re in the right place! Rhima is here to help you with your dishwashing needs – and that, and so much more – is what Rhima’s GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher can give you!

The GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher is a lovely dishwasher that can help you with your every dishwashing need! Its unique function ensures that you can use it for almost every item – and then some! You can rest assured that the GS-50 is as efficient as compact without compromising its functions in the long run. Additionally, it’s much more affordable than the rest of its counterparts, making it more worth it than the rest of the competition, too!


The Upper Hand: Benefits of Rhima’s GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher

Rhima’s GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher is much more than just the advantages we’ve mentioned above – your kitchen will be that much more convenient in the long run, too!

The GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher deeply complies with the HACCP guidelines, ensuring that the dishwasher consistently runs at the ideal temperature. That’s not all – the GS-50 is also easy to clean and wash, which makes it more than ideal for your kitchen, too. That makes the GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher ensure that your kitchen will be that much more efficient, all while making sure that you’re getting clean dishes, too.

Apart from those significant advantages, the GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher also comes with these benefits:

  • Double walled door means that fewer heat escapes and the machine is not hot to touch.
  • Easy to use, a soft-touch panel that shows temperature and alarm errors
  • Thermostop safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle to comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid pump, which means that the chemicals connected to the machine are automatically dosed and injected
  • Easy to remove nozzles and filter for cleaning
  • Backflow prevention valve that stops the dirty water from leaking back into the clean wash water
  • Four cycles pre-set to 60/90/120 and 180 seconds
  • Low water consumption (approximately 2.3ltrs per cycle)
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel design
  • The GS50 has an automatic drain pump – this means that the machine can be installed in places where the actual waste connection is above the machine outlet point. (Maximum height of 50cm).
  • Hard-working, cost-effective and quiet, the GS-50 is the perfect candidate for budget-conscious, small to medium-sized restaurants, bars, and catering facilities.


A Simple Guide To Buying Dishwashers

Are you tempted to buy your own commercial kitchen dishwasher, too? Do you want your kitchen to reach yet another layer of convenience, but you don’t know where to start looking? Well, worry not – we’re here to make your search that much easier!

Though buying a dishwasher might seem like a one-trick deal, it isn’t. First of all, you should consider your kitchen’s dimensions. Though it might go without saying, you should always consider the remaining space left in your kitchen before buying one. After all, it might be too big or too small for the remaining area. That would be counterintuitive as to the primary purpose of a dishwasher, which is to save money.

Another is the fact that going for the more significant route would be for the better. A dishwashers’ size has less to do with this – it’s more of an insight thing. As a business owner, you shouldn’t just be looking at everything from “today” – you should also look at tomorrow and the next coming years, too. And let’s be honest, a normal-sized dishwasher can last long and serve you well, even if you become successful, too.


Maintenance Packages that are Available as Service Support

No matter how much we drum it up as a reliable and functional machine, the GS-50 is also susceptible to mechanical failure as days go on. However, do not fret – we here at Rhima provide excellent, 24/7 customer support service! We can help you with your every query about your reliable dishwasher!

We also have a central office that can supply you with your every need, too. However, that is not all – purchase of the GS-50 also includes warranties, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply, and accessories as an after-sales support package.

However, Rhima can also arrange a contract-based regular maintenance service that can take your mind away from any other woes that you might have regarding the product. Certified Rhima professionals will go over your dishwasher to maintain them and ensure running as smoothly as possible.

The following are some of the advantages of Rhima preventive maintenance:

  • You will be able to save money on your power bills.
  • Costs of complete maintenance are reduced.
  • Water conservation
  • Detergent consumption is minimal.
  • It extends the life of the equipment and protects against significant repairs that may occur unexpectedly.
  • Unexpected costs and downtime are avoided.



Can you run a dishwasher without hot water?

Yes, a dishwasher can be run without a hot water connection. All Rhima’s machines have a “Thermo stop,” which means the cycle will not complete if the temperature has not reached the safe minimum for sanitation. Cycle times may be longer. For machines connected to cold water, if possible, connect to the 3-phase power supply.

Does my machine comply with HACCP Guidelines?

Rhima has developed a unique monitoring program that takes safety, hygiene, and operational conditions into account. Once correctly set up, your machine will comply with HACCP guidelines. At least once per year, we recommend doing a safety hygiene test on the dishwasher. Rhima technicians are specially trained in carrying out preventative maintenance and HACCP testing on Rhima equipment. This includes temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs (before and after), and complete preventative maintenance on the machine.

Can I wash other items in glasswashers (i.e., cups and saucers?)

Yes, other items such as plates, cups, and saucers can be washed in glasswashers. Rhima glasswashers use the same washing technology as our larger dishwashers. You can wash cups, saucers, and lightly soiled plates. It is not recommended to wash dinner plates. If your glasswasher has been set up with our High Sparkle system, then we recommend use for glasses only.


Rhima’s GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher: All the Dishwasher you’ll need!

If you’re still looking for a dishwasher that you can use for years to come, then Rhima’s GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher is everything you’re looking for! Its functional and reliable – which is everything you can ask for in a dishwasher. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit our website today to get your hands on one – and so much more!