Rhima’s Pot Cleaner & Washer Range

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Rhima has a wide range of pot washer models designed to meet strict hygiene requirements and are extremely economical.

A Rhima pot washer is ideal when used to clean pots and pans in a commercial setting. Many of our customers have experienced huge gains in productivity thanks to our Rhima pot cleaners. 

All commercial dishwasher models have adjustable cycles for every type of job you need. Gone are the days of scrubbing pots by hand in a high-volume environment. This approach is too slow and will delay the whole process in a busy commercial kitchen. Our Pot washers and Pot cleaners often prove to be invaluable. 

Our Pot Washer range focus on being hygienic

Hygiene is of paramount importance in a commercial kitchen, and our products focus on ensuring the end result is clean and hygienic. 

  • Pots are disinfected with steam. and hot water
  • The washers are also disinfected with steam and hot water.
  • The is a constant flow of water to blast away dirt and grim.

Rhima pot washer

Our Pot Washing Machine models are Economical.

Rhima’s pot washer and cleaners are an economical solution for your business. They have wash cycles to ensure efficiency and are a proven investment in the long run. 

Rhima products are extremely well-engineered but are also affordable. Our products are proven to be invaluable in many areas of the food industry, such as restaurants, hotels, bistros and catering businesses.

Rhima Hot Pot washer

Rhima Pot Washine Machines are Flexible

Not all pots are the same, not all commercial kitchens have the same requirements, and it is important to select the model right for your restaurants.

  • Our range can be used for pots of all sizes and shapes

  • Our Rhima models can also be used on any surface—not just pots!

  • They are easy to use and come in different sizes

  • Feature a powerful wash and rinse cycle

  • All our Pot Cleaning Machine Designs allow for easy access

hot pot washing machine

Rhima Pot Washers are ergonomic and safe

Rhima pot washer and cleaner are ergonomic because they reduce bending, stretching and twisting.

Rhima pot cleaners and washers are easy to use: Rhima pot washer is designed to make the often gruelling and mundane task of cleaning pots much easier and more efficiently. 

Rhima pot washer is also safe for the environment because there’s no need for harsh chemicals anymore or using too much water. The whole process is safer thanks to the ergonomic design. 

Many accidents in commercial kitchens are a result of the constant bending and lifting of heavy objects, the Rhima designs help reduce these occurrences. Using less water is great for the environment and being efficient also helps save money on the power bill. 

The Rhima pot washer and cleaner meet strict hygiene requirements and are extremely economical.

Cleaning pots has never been easier

A Rhimal pot cleaner and washer ensures that your hands do not come into contact with the leftover food. This makes the whole process more hygienic and safe for staff working in the kitchen.

Hot pot washers have to be large enough to wash hot pots. Hot pots are used in busy restaurants, catering venues and bistros as the hot pot is used for cooking in volume. Scrubbing a hot pot was one of the least enjoyable tasks of working in a kitchen. Now thanks to Rhima’s hot pot washing machine range, this daunting task is eliminated. 

Scrubbing pots pans, mixing bowls, and baking trays is not an enjoyable task. It is hard work and time-consuming. This can be a real problem in a busy commercial environment, and backlogs in production can occur. 

Discover how our Pot Cleaning Machine Technology can Help your Business

Our Rhima pot and pan washer models are economical, flexible and ergonomic solutions for your kitchen. They meet all current hygiene requirements and provide a safe working environment for staff members. They are truly unsung heroes, so explore our range and talk to our friendly staff. 

Discover how a Pot Cleaner can Make your Business so much More Efficient.