Conveyor Dishwashers

Benefits of Conveyor Dishwashers

When it comes to industrial dishwashers, each sector has its standards. For instance, it’s challenging to run a crowded kitchen in a diner or bar, particularly once dirty dishes and glasses pile up quickly alongside the sink. A conveyor dishwasher can help you eliminate that load and keep your kitchen uncluttered and sanitary.


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What is a Conveyor Dishwasher?

Dishwashing equipment on conveyors is designed for extensive operations, ideal for cafeterias, restaurants, and healthcare institutions.

Rack conveyor dishwashers are particularly proficient at delivering the finest quality of heavy-duty cleaning by pushing trays through the equipment with an operational function, making them excellent for various dining applications.

Efficiency is, of course, the most crucial consideration when purchasing a rack conveyor. It includes the effectiveness with which items are cleaned, the apparatus’ performance, and how simple it is to utilize. Based on the cleaning procedure you want to utilize, these dishwashers work in hot or cold temperature settings.

Whether you want to rinse your plates with steam, get a high heat conveyor dishwasher, while if you want to sanitize with disinfectants, get a low heat type.

According to your commercial kitchen’s structure, you can also get a commercial conveyor dishwasher that cycles side to side or conversely.

How can Rhima Help with the Finest Conveyor Washers?

Rhima possesses equipment for full production control of all facilities, from minor foodservice needs to complicated manufacturing and clinical cleaning and sanitation equipment. We put forth the best technology today in the Australasian region and promote European qualified professional suppliers.

Rhima is a critically-acclaimed company committed to producing high-quality equipment cleaning solutions on the market. Our suppliers are worldwide corporations that include a wide variety of items. Meaning you are not just purchasing products from us. You are joining a family built from excellence, quality, and standard.

Our technological prowess includes cutting-edge thermal disinfectors to complex dishwashing machinery that meets TGA, FDA, and GMP standards. We have successfully found many loyal consumers who are delighted with our products due to our strong and credible brand.

What are the Benefits of Having a Rhima Conveyor Washer?

Rhima’s Rack conveyor dishwashers have the distinction of being adaptable to any location and function. A heavy-duty rack conveyor equipment is a fantastic option if you’ve had a limited amount of space, especially in a commercial kitchen.

You can separate panels and feeders from rack conveyor dishwashers for more productive and adaptable performance. Excellent for operational processes with a wide variety of things, most of which must be stacked in trays.

Here are some of the many benefits of Rhima’s RR-range conveyor washers.

  • Standard 50x50cm washing racks are transported through the various stages employing a stainless steel ratchet drive. The drive is fitted with a safety clutch.


  • Insulated doors help maintain a constant temperature in the washing chamber, which in turn reduces power consumption for the boiler heating elements.


  • CPF is a device that allows for a user to easily adjust the water pressure in the prewash or wash phase depending on each user’s needs


  • AIS 304 and 316 stainless steel which allows protection from aggressive cleaning agents and salty water


  • The standard machines are electrically heated; steam is an option.


  • Wide inspection doors give full access to the wash zone.
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