A Chocolatey Hassle: Why Chocolateries need Dishwashers

If you are someone who owns a chocolatery, a chocolateries dishwasher can help your business a lot. After all, serving a clean and sweet product is your way of making your customers happy and satisfied. You are most likely the favourite person of many chocolate enthusiasts since chocolate is almost everyone’s go-to dessert. Thus, seeing people smile while selling your chocolate products might feel so satisfying. Even so, after working for a whole day, smiles can turn into frowns when washing the dishes and the stains left behind by chocolates. Chocolate moulds are also a minor problem but still need more attention. A simple scrubbing of utensils with dishwashing liquids won’t do. Fortunately, heavy-duty chocolatery dishwashers exist. In fact, Rhima dishwashers are precisely designed for stricter cleaning jobs in chocolateries.

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Why a Chocolatery needs a Cleaning Equipment Upgrade

Chocolateries are one of the busiest businesses around, and it’s not a new thing. Customers can also be demanding when buying your chocolate products. Also, there will be times that you will need more workers for the job, especially for smaller chocolatery businesses. However, who will clean the dishes effectively while multi-tasking? Stains left behind in any of your utensils can make people flock away in an instant. Even worse, they might take a photo of it and post it online! Not to mention the effect that incorrect washing has on producing new chocolate. When making chocolate, moulds need to be 100% clean and dry. Therefore, keeping your utensils clean while doing what you need to do is how dishwashers can be effective.

Getting a dishwasher might not be everyone’s choice. Whether the reason is lack of money and machine maintenance, it is a simple problem compared to what an untidy set of utensils can leave behind, especially for food businesses. Dishwashers help a lot and can save time because they can do multiple things at once. It can clean each part of your utensils and dry them quickly to use them immediately. Not to mention, the amount of soap and water that a modern dishwasher can use is efficient, making sure that each drop is not wasted and utilized effectively. You can save time and money by owning a good-quality commercial dishwasher if you think about it.

Why Rhima dishwashers are a perfect fit for your cleaning needs

There are lots of available dishwashers that you can find both online and in physical stores. Some of them are bad, but some of them can deliver a decent cleaning performance. Expect no leftovers or mould in the dishwasher when you maintain the best dishwasher you could ever have. However, Rhima dishwashers can consistently clean chocolate moulds while lasting longer than most industrial dishwashing machines.

How do Rhima Dishwashers exactly Benefit Chocolateries?

Having a Rhima dishwasher for your growing chocolatery is already a win! Rhima dishwashers are known to be one of New Zealand’s most trusted dishwashing brands, and it’s not a coincidence. Thorough cleaning is what Rhima dishwashers are made for, and cleanliness is a must nowadays, mainly that COVID -19 exists. Also, if you have a Rhima dishwasher, you would never have to repurchase one for a long time, thus saving you a lot of money. You can buy the cheaper ones, but most of the time, it breaks easily, and you have to repurchase another one. Now, this is how dishwashing machines should be, electricity, time, and money-saving! Through the years, machines have become more energy-efficient, and it applies to Rhima dishwashing machines too.

Picking the Suitable Dishwasher for your Chocolateries Needs

When picking the proper dishwasher for you, there are things that you might want to consider first. You don’t buy a random dishwasher and expect it to work as intended all the time. So far, dishwashing machines are designed for specific problems in cleaning. Nothing is a jack of all trades when it comes to dishwashers except the most expensive ones:

1. You need to ask yourself about the power outlet in your washing place. Make sure that the outlets have the power required to run your dishwasher.
2. Consider the temperature of the water that you want a dishwasher to have. Hot water can remove chocolate moulds easily but can damage utensils made from low heat resistant materials. So, cooler water temperatures might be the suitable one to go for.
3. See how many loads of cleaning your dishwashing machine must do. You may need to consider having a heavy-duty cleaner if you have lots of utensils to clean.
4. Check the space of your washing area.

See if your dishwasher can fit perfectly. Even so, whatever your cleaning needs may be, Rhima dishwashing machines can fulfil them.


Maintenance Packages that are Available as Service Support

When the day comes that your GS-50 Underbench Dishwasher fails for some unforeseen reason, worry not – we here at Rhima provide a stellar 24/7 support system! We also have a central office that can supply you with your every need, too. However, that is not all – purchase of the GS-50 also includes warranties, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP and infection control, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply, and accessories as an after-sales support package.

Say your High Sparkle 50 disinfector underbench has stopped working for some unknown reason. There’s no need to panic and worry, for Rhima has a 24/7 support system that you can always rely on! We have warranties, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP and infection control, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply, and accessories as an after-sales support package. Here at Rhima, we ensure that businesses who rely on our product always get what they deserve: a fully functioning product that delivers more than expected positive results.

If you can’t go to our place, then you don’t have to worry as well. Rhima can also arrange a contract-based regular maintenance service. Certified Rhima professionals will go over your dishwasher to maintain them and ensure running as smoothly as possible.

The following are some of the advantages of Rhima preventive maintenance:

• You will be able to save money on your power bills.
• Costs of complete maintenance are reduced.
• Water conservation
• Detergent consumption is minimal.
• It extends the life of the equipment and protects against significant repairs that may occur unexpectedly.
• Unexpected costs and downtime are avoided.


Do commercial dishwashers use detergent?

The washing/disinfection process for a commercial dishwasher is first washed in the water around 55 degrees Celsius (depending on the residue to be removed and the detergent being used). The combination of the temperature of the wash water, the detergent type and concentration, the agitation of the water during the wash cycle, and the length of the wash cycle is what ‘cleans’ the item being washed. Once clean, the washed items are sanitized by the hot rinse water, which must be at a minimum of 82 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, ’ thermal disinfection’ occurs, resulting in the washed items being ‘clean’ visually, and the bio-load count is reduced to inconsequential levels by the thermal disinfection process.

Why are commercial dishwashers so fast?

There are several reasons why a commercial dishwasher is faster than a domestic dishwasher.
The main reason is that domestic dishwashers are designed to clear the dirty dishes and wash up for a family setting of six persons. All items, dishes, bowls, cutlery, etc., are loaded simultaneously. Clean up quickly, and afterward, there is enough time for the machine to do its job. The ease of loading all dishes at once is more critical than actual washing-up time.

A commercial dishwasher needs to turn the dishes around quickly; therefore, the quantity of dishes loaded is not as important as the speed of loading and washing. Dishes are spaced slightly more apart; only one layer/rack is washed at a time. One rack is loaded/unloaded while another is being washed. Often plates are washed separately from cups, glasses, cutlery, etc., to speed up the process.

Chemicals are stronger. Pumps are more powerful. A commercial dishwasher is working in a commercial environment giving a constant clatter of dishes and audible pumps.

What is the life expectancy of a dishwasher?

The life expectancy of a commercial dishwasher depends on many factors; under normal conditions and use, a dishwasher should give eight years of good service life. However, there are situations where a machine is 20 years old and still performing well, even though some of the technology is outdated.
What determines the life of a commercial dishwasher these days is the cost of maintenance. When one of these parts fails, the repair cost may be higher than a total replacement cost with bespoke electronics.

Rhima dishwashing machines: the dishwashing machine for multiple generations!

Expect only the best quality dishwashing products that you can find in New Zealand here at Rhima! Fifty years of experience in the industry has taught us how to solve many cleaning problems in the food sector. So rest assured, your chocolatery can expect a superb cleaning from our machines along with our top-tier services that multiple customers have put their trust into. Come and visit Rhima’s website to know more about everything we have to offer.