Eighthirty Coffee Roasters

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“…which fits in with the company’s philosophy to give our customers the best coffee experience possible.”

Rhima has just installed a state of the art dishwashing system into Eighthirty Coffee Roasters new store in Auckland CBD.

Established in 2009, Eighthirty Coffee Roasters has grown to become a well-loved and respected Auckland Roastery.  They roast their own coffee and provide this to other cafes and offer public sales.  They also have three espresso bars.

With everything they do, they strive to provide excellence, in of course coffee but also service and presentation.  With this in mind, they wanted only top of the line equipment for their new flagship Anzac Rd espresso bar and chose a Rhima High Sparkle dishwashing system.

This unique system provides perfectly clean cups and glasses as it uses an RO (reverse osmosis) unit to filter out any impurities in the water leading to perfectly spotless wash-ware providing no streaking on glasses and cutlery.   This also ensures consistency from roast to cup as the cups are perfectly clean each time.

Glenn from Eighthirty Coffee Roasters says “The wash performance is exceptional.  Providing our customers with perfectly clean cups, glasses and cutlery fits in with the company’s philosophy to give our customers the best coffee experience possible”

The Rhima High Sparkle system also comes with a unique final rinse technique which guarantees sanitised and well rinsed wash-ware. The rinse cycle is independent to the mains pressure and temperature. This unique system works by making sure no extra water is added to the rinse booster tank until the end of the cycle.  The machine also incorporates a thermostop feature to guarantee the 82 degrees final rinse that is essential to meet HACCP guidelines.

Eighthirty Coffee Roasters aim is to build the best coffee company they can and to fulfil this purpose they have decided to invest in the finest possible equipment available.

Product: High Sparkle 40 Glass Washer