Farmland Foods

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to improve cleaning results and reduce wash times.


Rhima New Zealand has recently installed a large cabinet/trolley washer at small goods manufacturer, Farmland Foods based outside Bulls. This state of the art washer will greatly reduce wash times, improve cleaning results and allow for a wide variety of items to be processed to HACCP guidelines. 

Farmland started almost 50 years ago in the back of a family butcher’s shop. They are now one of the leading small goods producers in NZ. 

This is the first of its kind in New Zealand, and the washer improves hygiene and results with a significant reduction in the use of chemicals, utilities and water, as well as labour savings. This machine is custom built to suit individual requirements. The washer cleans all process equipment, mega bins, euro bins and also washes smoke house trolleys that are notoriously hard to clean. 

Rhima specialises in a range of machines for use by food manufacturers for cleaning dixies, crates, tubs, bins, baskets, pails, trolleys and pallets.