Jack Links

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and say goodbye to manual cleaning

Jack Link’s is the number 1 meat-snack in NZ and around the globe for a very good reason.  The Foundation for Jack Link’s began in the 1880’s when Jack’s great-grandfather, Chris came to America from the old country and settled in the wilderness of northern Wisconsin. It is still a family owned business today.

One of the reasons that Jack Links is the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer in the world is due to innovation in product and process.  They always are demanding high quality right through from the raw material they use to their manufacturing processes.

The first responsibility of any food manufacturer is the safety of their consumer.  Jack Links have recently purchased a Rhima washer to help improve the cleaning processes in the plant.  They are using this to make sure their entire weigh head components and other parts of their critical zones are cleaned and sanitised.

“To be able to consistently meet the highest standards, each part of our process must be repeatable. In the past we were manually cleaning weigh head buckets and other parts which subsequently introduced variations to the sanitation process.  With Rhima’s LP4 washer, we have ensured that all multi-head weigher parts are cleaned and sanitised to the same standard every time. We have also noted an increase in productivity, reduced turnaround times (short wash cycles) and minimised damages to the parts that were otherwise caused by the manual offline cleaning techniques previously employed. Higher final rinse temperature also aids the sterilisation process of the concerned parts, while minimising drying time which is a bonus.” says Ashneel Ambedkar quality compliance manager at Jack Links.

Jack Links chose the largest of the LP range so they can wash all of their bins and buckets used in the plant. These washers come in a variety of different sizes and can even be mounted up next to the multi-head weighs

Product: LP4 Washer