Kookie Haus

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Kookie Haus

Rhima has just installed a new pass through washer into Kookie Haus in Auckland

Kookie Haus was established 2017 and is a bespoke bakery located in Ranui.  They produce Keto, Vegan, Gluten free & Diabetic friendly food and is known for being the creator of Doughnut Haus a 100% sourdough doughnut!

Jenna the owner was struggling with finding reliable staff and one job that everyone hated was washing the dishes.  When Jenna was putting the dishes into the dishwasher at home she thought it was odd to have a dishwasher at home and not one at work and this started her search to find a solution to solve her problems.

Jenna researched and decided that Rhima offered her the right solution for her needs.  Their rental option allowed her to fund the dishwasher due to the saving in labour costs of a dish hand.  Now all the staff enjoy using the dishwasher, dishes, pots, trays buckets are washed as soon as they are finished with.  This has improved the process flow, saved space and reduced the number of production items required.

Cashflow is always an issue for companies especially in a growth phase like Kookie Haus is in now.  Jenna liked the option of no deposit and financing the equipment of its useful life rather than at the start, freeing up cash for growing the business further.

As Jenna says “The Rhima Rental washer has proven great for my business, the monthly rental more than covers the labour costs and I have no worries about any extra costs as its all taken care of, its easy to budget, all my costs are set, no surprises”

If you would like to learn more about how your business can take advantage of Rhima Rental plan please contact us on 0800 902 054 or at [email protected] or on https://www.facebook.com/rhimanz/

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