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with new washing equipment

Pak’nSave in Hamilton have contracted Fournos to upgrade their bakery with state of the art equipment.  Fournos are a specialist food equipment importer and supplier to supermarkets, bakeries, food manufacturers, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens. See

Fournos selected Rhima’s LP1 Utensil washer for this application due to its large wash chamber allowing it to wash a wide range of products at the same time.  This industrial washer also has higher washing efficiency than commercial dishwashers, so that pots and bowls come out clean and ready to be re-used after only a few minutes washing.

Fournos was also confident of the long term reliability of the Rhima LP1, as they have been used extensively in supermarkets in Australia for the last 15 years with 1500 units installed all over Australia.

When asked about how she found the Rhima washer Sandy Sharma the bakery manager at Pak’nSave Mill Street said “Who likes washing dishes, I bet very few’. Last year my bakery got a Rhima washer installed, “AMEN”. Now that we have a washer installed we don’t have to waste time in washing all our dishes/bowls/utensils by hand. It is so much easier using a Rhima washer and we can utilise our time for more production.  I have 20 delighted staff and they won’t hesitate to use the Rhima washer and would recommend to all. In simple words we as a bakery team can’t live without the Rhima washer now.”

Product: LP1 pot and utensil washer