State of the Art Bin Washer with water recycled

improving turnaround times whilst reducing labour and running costs

Rhima NZ has recently installed a bin washer in a food manufacturer to wash their 180 litre plastic food bins and 200 litre stainless steel euro bins.

This is the first installation of a Rhima bin washer in New Zealand. The operators place the bin into a caged-off area, press the start button and the bin is automatically picked up, washed with detergent, sanitised, rinsed and returned to the operator in a 3 minute wash cycle.

The fresh rinse water is recycled into the wash tank so only uses 8 to 15 litres of water per bin. Its heating is electric in this case but can also be hooked up to steam if required.

This machine has allowed the customer to guarantee that each bin has been cleaned and sanitised to meet HACCP guidelines. It has also improved turnaround times whilst reducing labour and running costs. Furthermore it has stopped the wear and tear of the bins and the floor caused by manual cleaning.

If you would like more information on this please send an email to [email protected].

Installation of Rhima bin washer

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