Who ate all the pies

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as they had to improve their production efficiency while increasing plant hygiene.


Rhima have installed a BX-230 tunnel washer at a New Zealand pie manufacturer that has lead to a dramatic reduction in wash times, while improving the cleaning of equipment.

Who Ate All The Pies is a Dunedin based pie manufacturer that is expanding rapidly and had a need to improve their production efficiency while increasing plant hygiene.

They concentrate on the higher end of the market so high quality, consistency and reputation are the key to their business success. They use the finest locally sourced ingredients and produce top quality handmade pies and a range of English classics such as cornish pasties, steak & kidney and english pork pies.

They have a wide range of equipment to clean, from plastic tubs and buckets to pots, trays and cooking utensils. As the company has grown their wash up times have increased and there was always the concern of relying on operators to make sure the equipment is cleaned and sterilised to a high standard.

They recently purchased a Rhima BX-230 tunnel washer for their wash room and according to owner Steven Turner they’ve reduced their wash times by over 400% and are still only getting used to the machine’s capabilities. Production time is no longer wasted on a job that nobody enjoys.

The BX-230 model is an inline tunnel washer. One person can easily load the tubs/bins/crates on one side. They are then transported through the wash and rinse stages by means of a central, stainless steel ratchet system. After passing through the final rinse stage the equipment is pushed onto an unloading (roller) conveyor.

The BX-230 is a simple to use, reliable and robust machine and can be used in a range of industries. If you think there is a requirement for this equipment in your plant call a Rhima representative on 0800 902 504.