Flight Machine Dishwasher

Flight machine dishwashers are highly specialised and many aviation companies have incorporated flight type dishwashers into their operations.

Flight Machine Dishwasher

Obtain Perfect Dishwashing Results

A flight type dishwasher needs to meet the strongest standards of some of the most prestigious global aviation names, sparkling glass and spotlessly clean wash ware every time is the expectation. Each flight type dishwasher has been tested, Rhima is all about creating solutions and our products help out every time they are used. 


Utensil Washers and Flight Type Dishwashing Machines

Flight type dishwashers are highly specialised and Rhima has expertise in designing other specialised products like the utensil washer and conveyor dishwashers, each with their own automated dishwasher systems to meet the needs of our clients.

Rhima Innovative Technology makes us a Reliable Service Partner

A great deal of thought has to be considered such as the wash capacity, water quality, the size of the wash trays so they can accommodate large wash ware, water temperature and energy consumption, the type of wash cycle and the engineering for the wash systems. It takes years of experience and knowledge to craft such machinery. Easy handling and having a large enough loading area are all considered when we create the right dishwasher for your business.

Make your Dishwashing Experience Economical and User Friendly

A perfectly organized dishwashing kitchen is one thing but a flight type dishwasher needs to maintain low energy costs as operating costs are an integral part of the aviation industry. Saving energy is paramount when designing and building flight type dishwashers. Many machines will have to use cold water which helps to make the dishwashing experience economical.