Benchtop Washers are Perfect for your Bar

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One of the most important pieces of equipment in an efficient commercial kitchen is a commercial dishwasher. Keeping clean glasses and dishes stored in your commercial kitchen is a breeze with a benchtop dishwasher. Benchtop Washers are perfect for your Bar or Restaurant and not to be confused with a drawer or compact dishwasher; it is a small dishwasher that you can place on your countertop. It’s simple to set up: just put it on your kitchen counter, plug it in, and connect it to a water source and drain to run it.

Many hotels, wineries and restaurants use benchtop dishwashers to increase efficiency in small spaces. There are numerous reasons why investing in a commercial dishwasher such as a benchtop dishwasher for your restaurant or winery is wise. Of course, one of the major advantages of purchasing a benchtop washer is the speed: a wash cycle normally takes between one and four minutes. Other significant advantages are sparkling clean glasses, less breakages, reduced water consumption, less staff injury and HACCP guideline compliance.

Are you looking for the best bar and restaurant benchtop washers? Why choose Rhima’s Benchtop Dishwasher?Benchtop Washers are perfect for your Bar or Restaurant

Rhima should be the company you call if you look for a high-quality benchtop dishwasher. Rhima offer market leading dishwashers along with great service and support. Our industry leading testimonies attest to this, as does our excellent track record dating to 1990. Rhima’s suppliers include international companies with non-competing product lines.

Our sales support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that any difficulties reported by our users are resolved quickly. We provide commissioning, training, advising, warranty, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, detergent supply, HACCP, and infection control as part of our after-sales support service.

Rhima dishwashers offer solutions to match the needs and specifications of individuals or businesses such as restaurants and wineries. All our dishwashers follow HACCP and OH&S guidelines.

What are the advantages of having benchtop washers in your bar or restaurant and why Rhima benchtop washers are the best solution for your company?

Rhima benchtop washers are designed to make cleaning quick and easy while increasing kitchen efficiency and customer satisfaction. Benchtop Washers are perfect for your Bar or Restaurant and are rust-resistant stainless-steel construction that will look stylish in any kitchen and are great for those wishing to save room because of their small compact design. These washers can quickly clean and sanitise plates, glasses, and other dishes, ensuring that your bar, restaurant, winery or other food-related business maintains proper hygiene standards.

Of course, the satisfaction and safety of our clients are our top objectives. As a result, we strive to provide the best results from our equipment.

To ensure that our valued customers receive the highest-quality commercial dishwashers available, we offer them consistency and dependability through our knowledgeable staff who are experts in the field. A personal yet independent relationship with our European suppliers allows for quick response to emergencies. Our locally trained and independent service team provide quick and knowledgeable support.

What Are The Benefits Of a Rhima Dishwasher?

At Rhima, our top priority is to provide a dishwasher with high-efficiency levels and cutting-edge technology, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership.

Rhima can organise regular maintenance for you on a contract basis if you wish it. We also undertake regular safety, hygiene, and temperature tests to ensure that the machine meets the highest possible requirements and ensures client safety, whether eating or drinking.

Furthermore, Rhima ensures that our dishwashers meet the necessary criteria for our equipment to work well. Compared to traditional hand washing, which requires more water and detergents, water usage is reduced, ensuring that you save both time and money.

How to choose the best benchtop washer for your bar restaurant?

Every bar and restaurant is unique, and each demands a specific industrial dishwasher capable of handling difficult dishwashing. If you want to know if it is the best option for you, consider the following:

  • What size do you need?
  • Do you need mark free glasses?
  • How much power does it consume?
  • How much water use does it use?
  • What is the water pressure required?
  • What is the water temperature used?
  • Where is the drainage located?
  • How long is the cycle time?
  • How does it manage water quality?
  • Does it have chemical dispensers?
  • What is the dishwashing capacity?
  • Do you want to stop hand polishing your glasses?

Maintenance Packages As a Service Support

If your commercial dishwasher breaks down, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with our fantastic 24/7 support system! We also have a central office that can meet all of your requirements. Our benchtop washer has a comprehensive after-sales service package that includes warranties, commissioning, training, advising, HACCP, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply and accessories.

Rhima can arrange for a contract-based regular maintenance service to divert your attention away from any other concerns you may have about the product. Rhima-certified technicians will inspect and maintain your dishwasher to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible while maintaining it to meet your HACCP guidelines and food safety plan.


What are the benefits of a benchtop dishwasher?

Benchtop Washers are perfect for your Bar or Restaurant and are generally incredibly energy-efficient; unlike many of the always-on, energy-sucking appliances around your home, they only require water and electricity while they are in use. Energy Star-rated appliances, for example, are designed to use less energy and save you money.

Where can I purchase the best benchtop washers?

l  If you’re looking for a high-quality benchtop dishwasher, Rhima is the market leader. Rhima provides the best dishwashers on the market, and a warranty to support them. Benchtop washers from Rhima can swiftly clean and sterilize plates, glasses, and other dishes, ensuring that your bar, restaurant, catering company, or other food-related business is clean and sanitary.


RU-40 Glasswasher

The RU-40 glasswasher (formerly known as the GS-40) is a space-saving, high-quality stainless steel (AISI304) bar washer and one of the market’s best dishwashing machines. It has all the advantages of bigger machines, including separate wash and rinses operations. This high-quality compact model may wash mugs and glasses in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other food establishments that stick to HACCP rules.

For more information about the RU40 benchtop glasswasher, see the printable specs sheet or call Rhima at 0800 902 054.

RU-40 underbench dishwasher