Investing in the Best Dishwasher in New Zealand Leads to less down time and hand washing

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It is hard to chose the best dishwashers from the available range in NZ for your business. A commercial dishwasher provides a great deal of comfort to many businesses all around the world, but are the energy expenses worth it? The answer is dependent on a variety of factors, including the kind of commercial dishwasher you have and the amount of washing you have to do.

Is your Commercial Kitchen Missing a Dishwashing Machine?

hand washing dishes in a commercial kitchen

The restaurant’s strength is also the dishwasher’s strength. Customers will have a bad restaurant experience if you neglect your dishes. A good dishwasher, paired with high-quality equipment, can make serving food in your kitchen a breeze.

When purchasing a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • It is simple to use and doesn’t need much training to understand.
  • Dishes are cleaned swiftly. Your chefs should not wait for the dishwasher to clean their cooking utensils or plates before serving them to customers.
  • Meets sanitary and health regulations.

Why Rhima Dishwashers are the Best Solution for your Business?

There are different types of commercial washing machines available today. Rhima offers a variety of medical, industrial, and commercial cleaning equipment that can be purchased off the shelf or designed to your specifications.

A commercial dishwasher that is highly functional and efficient is a must-have for every restaurant. These washers, in most cases, fit right in with no service changes, saving you the headache of hiring extra help to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes. These are the reasons why Rhima dishwashers are the best solution for you.

Noise Reduction

A silent and practical dishwasher has fast become a must-have feature in any high-end model. A silent dishwasher has a double-walled insulation feature that reduces noise and saves electricity. Dishwashing machines emit heat, and proper insulation saves money and ensures the safety and well being of the operating employees.

Capacity of Units

Commercial dishwashers relate to the number of racks or objects that can be washed in one hour, rather than place settings, which are used to determine capacity in household dishwashers. Aside from this rating, the best machine to use is determined by the soil level and available area.

Quantity of Racks

When buying a commercial dishwasher, the position and quantity of racks are critical considerations. The quantity and type of racks you choose should be appropriate for your business. A system in a small, active kitchen and one in a bar or winery may also use racking for storage that requires distinct rack configurations.

Benefits of Having a Rhima Sanitiser Dishwasher

Rhima VH50 pass through washer the Best Dishwasher
Rhima VH-50 pass through hood washer

In the past considered a luxury item, dishwashers have become necessary in every kitchen. Aside from ensuring speedy dish cleaning, modern dishwashers have several other advantages.

1. Dishwashing becomes less of a chore

You have to deal with the outcome of cooking numerous dishes, such as stacks of cutlery and other kitchenware, every day. When you have lots of customers, the task becomes more time-consuming. Invest in a dishwasher to eliminate your tedious utensil washing routine and reduce your kitchen chores. The appliance is simple; all you have to do is load it with the utensils you wish to clean.

2. Remove persistent stains quickly

As you may be aware, scraping out the persistent stains can be stressful. High-pressure water jets are used in our dishwashers to remove all of the difficult  stains and burnt on food scraps. All you have to do is scrape the leftovers in the trash and leave the appliance to do the heavy washing.

3. Maintain adequate hygiene

Cleaning sponges can harbour bacteria that cause cross contamination and can result in food poisoning and other illnesses. When sponges become old, the risk of bacterial growth increases. You can avoid this problem by using a dishwasher, as sponges are not required.

4. Save water and energy

A dishwasher may help you save water and money by adequately washing your utensils while saving money on your monthly water bill. You might wonder how a dishwasher can help you save water. The Rhima dishwashers use an economical amount of water per cycle as oppose to other dishwashers that continuously dump fresh water.

5. Keep your Kitchenware in Good Shape.

How you clean your equipment has a big impact on how long it lasts. The scrubbing that your utensils, particularly your glasses, are subjected to is one of the primary reasons they start to look dull over time.

How to Decide if a Rhima Dishwasher is For You?

Dishwashers vs. hand-washing have been a point of contention since the 1950s, but with technological developments, the case for dishwashers is unmistakable. Modern dishwashers are more efficient than hand-washing.They have built-in heating elements that help to heat the water more quickly. Furthermore, dishwashers use less water than washing dishes by hand in the sink. Rhima dishwashers consume as little as 1.5 litres per cycle compared to sinks that use up to approximately 102 litres per load.

Service Support

Rhima employs people who have substantial expertise and experience in the washing equipment field. We’ve got over 50 years of experience handling washing difficulties, and we’ll make every effort to organise and execute your order as quickly as possible. Rhima has its national service centers, with a system of fully trained agents providing comprehensive backup assistance. We have a technical team that includes a field technical team, electricians, design teams, and mechanical engineers who are experts in washing systems and related technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of a dishwasher is the most reliable?

Rhima dishwashers are one of the most efficient brands available today.

How long should a dishwasher last?

Dishwashers typically survive 8 to 16 years, with a 8-10 year average lifespan. Dishwasher lifespan is fairly predictable, but if you take excellent care of your machine, it will last much longer than sixteen years. Rhima still have some systems that are over 20 years old in the field! They are still performing as the day they were sold.

When should I buy a new dishwasher?

Dishwashers survive about 10 years on average. However, about 30% of new dishwashers require repair within five years. If your dishwasher is more than a decade old, replacing it may be more cost-effective than fixing it. Rhima offer trade in deals even if your machine is older than 15 years – we look after our customers.

Find and Invest in the Best Dishwasher Now!

Investing in a commercial dishwasher for your business can save you money and time. If you’re unsure which dishwasher to buy, consider consulting an experienced restaurant or industry professional like Rhima. We can offer experienced advice to your company, making it easy for you to select the proper machine. We hope we’ve answered the questions you’ve been asking about commercial dishwashers, and we’d love to hear from you. TEL: 9 414 5575.