We Have a Range Of Sanitiser And Disinfection Machines For The Healthcare Sector

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When working in the healthcare industry, numerous factors such as infection control are a serious concern in all such procedures in the healthcare sector. Failure to properly disinfect or sterilise equipment increases the risk of person-to-person transmission and cross-contamination. Furthermore it increases the possibility of transmission of environmental infections. We Have a Range Of Sanitiser And Disinfection Machines For The Healthcare Sector.

Using a medical washer disinfector to achieve proper disinfection and sterilisation is critical for ensuring that ward equipment, medical and surgical instruments do not spread infectious germs to patients. Because sterilising all patient-care items are unnecessary, health care facilities must have a medical washer or medical disinfector based primarily on its intended use.

How can a range of sanitiser and disinfection machines for the healthcare sector benefit them, and why are Rhima washer-disinfectors the ideal answer?

We Have a Range Of Sanitiser And Disinfection Machines For The Healthcare Sector

Choosing the right medical washer for the hospital is crucial to guarantee the smooth operation of any healthcare operation. We should also stress the importance of frequent maintenance assurance to ensure quality control and dependability.

Rhima’s washer-disinfectors are the finest technique to clean and disinfect reusable dental, medical, veterinary instruments and associated equipment. Medical standards require technology such as washer-disinfectors to be utilised instead of hand cleaning.

Our innovative technology ranges from cutting-edge thermal disinfectors to sluice machines, bench top and underbench sanitisers as well as advanced dishwashing equipment that meets TGA, FDA, and GMP requirements. Our solid and trustworthy reputation has gained many devoted customers who are incredibly satisfied with our services.

What Are the Advantages of a Rhima Washer Disinfector?

Do you need a disinfector machine that is both effective and affordable? You will find it right here! Rhima is the most recognisable brands in the world of medical washers. Rhima has an established track record of success in managing all aspects of projects, from modest room upgrades to complete sterile service equipment installs. As well as significant research and pilot cleaning and sanitising equipment. We bring together cutting-edge technologies and promote specialised European producers in the New Zealand region.

We are a multi-award-winning firm committed to providing medical and hospitality industries with the best medical dishwashers. Our suppliers are multinational corporations that provide a wide range of products and services.

Why should you invest in a washer disinfector: The deciding factors

Medical disinfectors are an excellent approach to improving your infection control protocols, but they also provide a slew of other advantages that can assist processes in achieving best practice. We Have a Range Of Sanitiser And Disinfection Machines For The Healthcare Sector.

A significant investment

As you can see, washer-disinfectors can help your practice in various ways. These technologies provide additional infection control precautions, but they collaborate with your team to provide fast, safe washing and disinfection of instruments, enhancing efficiency and facilitating the effective medical procedure.

Protection at the next level

Of course, one of the most significant advantages of washer-disinfectors is that they give great cleaning and disinfection for your instruments and other ward equipment. It’s critical to clean reusable products correctly after treatment, doing so by hand leaves room for error. With a Washer Disinfector, you can ensure that all contaminated instruments are effectively cleaned and disinfected to a validated level, making them suitable for sterilisation in your autoclave.

Furthermore, because washer-disinfectors use particular detergents, this technique can aid in the preservation of instruments and protect them from the damage and wear that hand washing can cause over time.

Efficiency in saving time

Time is of the essence in the medical industry. Hand washing equipment is unlikely to be the most efficient way ahead in a busy establishment.

Washer Disinfector units frequently have short cycles and can hold many instruments, expediting the procedure and allowing the time spent hand-cleaning to be put to better use. Furthermore, most washer-disinfectors feature drying cycles, which means that instruments are immediately ready to be inspected and used.


Hand washing equipment raises several possible hazards. This method of cleaning equipment exposes individuals to potential sharps injury, but it also increases the chance of infections being passed on to people compared to utilising a washer-disinfector.

If a person receives a sharps injury, any patient’s infectious diseases may spread. While most of these infections are unlikely to cause concern, some blood-borne diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis C, can have substantial health consequences.

Maintenance Packages Available as Service Support

Rhima has state service centres with a network of certified service agents who provide complete backup assistance. They are all coordinated from a central location to provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Warranties, commissioning, training, consultation, HACCP and infection control, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supply are all included in the after-sales service package.

If you want, Rhima can arrange regular maintenance on a contract basis. Rhima can also perform safety, hygiene, and temperature testing to ensure that your equipment is up to relevant codes.

Some of the benefits of Rhima preventive maintenance are as follows:

  • Conservation of water
  • Consumption of detergent is limited
  • You will be able to reduce your power bills
  • Complete maintenance costs are decreased
  • It guards against major repairs that may occur unexpectedly and prolong the life of the device
  • Unforeseen expenses and downtime are avoided

Rhima technicians will service and maintain your dishwasher to ensure top efficiency and avoid costly failure.



Why do we need a sanitiser machine?

They stop cross contamination and prevent infectious diseases being spread. Sanitiser machines are not only safer in terms of infection control, but they also work faster to provide safe instrument washing and sanitising, enhancing practice efficiency for a faster workflow.

What is a washer-disinfector?

The best approach to cleaning and disinfecting reusable dental, medical, and veterinary tools is with a washer-disinfector. Washer disinfectors help your practice in a variety of ways. Washer disinfectors help save time by delivering both effective and efficient cleaning. With the machine cleaning and drying, that’s one less thing to worry about. It also allows you to focus on delivering care!

How will we benefit from a sanitiser machine?

The first and most obvious benefit of a sanitiser machine is its fully touch less experience. There is no need to fiddle with a button or a handle. These dispensers use ultrasonic sensors to release the sanitiser door. It’s faster, safer, and more efficient with no risk of cross contamination.

Rhima’s washer-disinfectors are the most outstanding cleaning equipment for a medical facility

The Deko 190 is a washing machine that can swiftly, conveniently, and hygienically handle virtually every ward cleaning work. The Deko 190 flushes, washes, and disinfects bedpans and lids, urine bottles, hand washbasins, suction bottles, buckets, kidney bowls, theatre overshoes, and vases. The Deko 190 includes an integrated drop-down shelf that can accommodate four-hand wash basins or a mop bucket with a seating ring. The shelf can also be used for inserts and washing accessories such as kidney dishes, bowls, vases, toilet brushes/holders, and various hollow ware.

Using additional optional holders and baskets allows for proper placing and easy loading of various goods, such as carpet squares, suction jars, and medication pots, and increases the capacity and versatility of the Deko 190.

The Deko 190 features a big wash chamber and can automatically empty and process two bedpans with lids and four urine bottles simultaneously.

The Deko 190 Washer Disinfector is the way to go if you want to save money while also being environmentally responsible and ensuring your staff and patients are safe.

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