High Sparkle 50 glass washer

With the washing power of a pass-through machine the high-performance Optima 500 is powerful, versatile and is perfect for small to medium sized restaurants, wineries, tea houses, offices and bars.

With the washing power of a pass-through machine the high-performance High Sparkle 50 glass washer is powerful, versatile and is perfect for small to medium sized restaurants, wineries, tea houses, offices and bars.

Previously known as the Optima 500, the High Sparkle 50 is the newest model.

High Sparkle 50 glass washer when connected to Rhima’s High Sparkle, has a scientifically designed wash and rinse system to allow optimum flow and pressure. This ensures sparkling results especially for glassware and cutlery, all the time every time. These brilliant results are irrespective of incoming water pressure, temperature or quality. No polishing is required for glasses at all.

This machine has a unique clean cycle so at the end of the wash cycle the water in the tank is pumped to drain and the water used for the final rinse is subsequently saved for the next wash cycle. This ensures that the machine always washes with clean water which in turn improves results.

Refer to attached specification sheet for more information


  • Suits a 50 x 50 cm size rack
  • Maximum door height is 34 cm to allow for higher items
  • Soft touch panel with multi-chromatic start key and read out display keeps you informed of the machine’s status.
  • Any faults are immediately shown on the screen via the self-diagnostic program which means the machine will tell you where the fault is
  • At the end of the wash cycle the start key flashes between green and blue making it easy to identify during peak periods
  • Self-cleaning cycle and self-cleaning wash jets which means that cleaning the machine is very easy
  • Automatic drain pump that allows the machine to drain by itself
  • Cycle run time indicator which shows how much time is left for a cycle
  • Thermostop which is a safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle in order to comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Built in detergent and rinse aid pump which means that the chemicals connected to the machine are automatically dosed and injected
  • Six programs ranging from 75-200 seconds
  • The Optima 500 has a drain pump, which means that the machine can be installed in places where the actual waste connection is above the machine outlet point (max height of 50cm).

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    • Power supply 240V – 50Hz
    • Total current 15 amp or 3×10 amp
    • Wash tank capacity 7-10 ltr
    • Rinse water consumption (per cycle) 2.5-7 ltr
    • Rinsing temp (approx) 85 °C
    • Rack size 500 x 500 mm
    • Water connection 3/4″ hose
    Will my glass washer remove lipstick stains?

    Lipstick stain removal is a hot topic. Don’t be surprised if your glasses come out of a dishwasher with lipstick stains, sometimes this can cause a problem when removing it later. Therefore if you see a heavy lipstick stain wipe it away first. Lipstick is one of the hardest items to wash, especially with the new technology of waterproof and 24 hour lipstick.

    However with the correct wash pattern, temperature and chemical dosing there is a good chance that your Rhima glass washer will remove lipstick in one cycle.

    Read more about Rhima’s range of High Sparkle glass washers here https://www.rhima.co.nz/product/optima-500-glasswasher/

    Will my dishwasher keep itself clean? / How do you clean a commercial dishwasher?

    Your dishwasher will need some TLC. To ensure your washer lasts to its full life, it is recommended to clean it out daily and weekly. You can refer to your quick reference guide for daily and weekly maintenance (downloadable copies can be found on each product page).

    A simple rule of thumb is that the cleaner your machine is inside, the cleaner your final results will be. There is not pre-set rule of practice for cleaning a commercial dishwasher as it often depends on how it is used. For example if you have a pre-rinse unit or system, then most soil is removed prior to entering the main stages.

    A correct dosing of chemical is very important. Another rule of thumb is that if the side walls in the main wash chamber feel “gritty” then there is a good chance that the machine is not washing clean either.

    Industrial dishwashers are often supplied with CIP (cleaning in place) systems that automatically clean the interior of the washer when it is not in use ( night time etc). Also special rotary separation filters are used to remove particles larger than 1 mm from entering the machine wash areas. More and more commercial dishwashers are now also available with basic CIP systems.

    Is there a cutlery and glass polish free dishwashing solution on the market?

    Yes there is a cutlery and glass polish free solution on the market. Rhima’s High Sparkle machines are connected to specially treated water which has all minerals removed to allow for spot free results. Please contact us for more information and check out the High Sparkle range below

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