Med Sparkle washer

The Rhima Med Sparkle washer is powerful, versatile and is perfect for aged care kitchens, wards, and other similar environments. The Med Sparkle is unique due to the Hygiene Plus program for situations that require a higher level of sanitisation (eg gastro outbreaks or COVID-19 outbreaks). The innovative rinse system consists of a stainless steel hot water tank in which fresh water is heated to 87°C and once the temperature has been reached a special booster pump sprays the water over the washed items.

This machine has a unique clean cycle so at the end of the wash cycle the water in the tank is pumped to drain and the water used for the final rinse is subsequently saved for the next wash cycle. This ensures that the machine always washes with clean water which in turn improves results.

Rhima’s Med Sparkle washer complies with industry standards DIN 10511. This standard stipulates minimal contact times and temperatures. The wash and rinse arm combination are interchangeable as well as fitted with self-cleaning and non-blocking nozzles. A multitude of programs are available to suit every operation. The counter balanced door has four positions: open, two ventilation settings and closed. The clever soft start gradually increases pressure in the chamber avoiding damage to wash ware as well as minimal steam expansion.

An annoying issue with many dishwashing machines is that at the end of the cycle a drop of water can cause spotting on freshly rinsed ware. Rhima engineers put a lot of thought into analysing what causes this. We found that cutting V-groves in the retaining nut of the upper wash arm minimises this occurrence.

The Med Sparkle washer touch display is user friendly. The display is informative giving information on chosen program, actual temperatures and cycle countdown. The machine even indicates low or no detergent levels.

Refer to attached specification sheet for more information

  • Suits a 50 x 50 cm size rack
  • Hygiene plus program for situations that require a higher level of sanitation (gastro outbreak etc)
  • Soft start: the wash pump will gradually increase in power during the cycle to minimise noise and breakage
  • Hygiene door. The door can be left slightly ajar to allow for good ventilation and prevent condensation
  • At the end of the wash cycle the start key flashes between green and blue making it easy to identify during peak periods
  • Self-cleaning cycle and self-cleaning wash jets which means that cleaning the machine is very easy
  • Automatic drain pump that allows the machine to drain by itself
  • Cycle run time indicator which shows how much time is left for a cycle
  • Thermostop which is a safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle in order to comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Built in detergent and rinse aid pump which means that the chemicals connected to the machine are automatically dosed and injected
  • Six programs ranging from 75-200 seconds
  • The MedSparkle is quiet: <60dB(A) , perfect for open kitchens and wards.
  • Power supply 240V - 50Hz
  • Total current 15 amp or 3x10 amp
  • Wash tank capacity 7-10 ltr
  • Rinse water consumption (per cycle) 2.5-7 ltr
  • Rinsing temp (approx) 85 °C
  • Rack size 500 x 500 mm
  • Water connection 3/4" hose
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