Hospice Marlborough in Blenheim

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Hospice Marlborough in BlenheimRhima have installed a new Deko 190 sluice machine into Hospice Marlborough in Blenheim.  Management were keen to reduce the chance of cross infection due to the old fashioned manual sluicing. This new technology automatically empties, flushes, washers and disinfects full bed pans and bottles protecting staff from being exposed to splash and aerosol risk. Sara, the Facilities officer said “Staff are really happy with the new sanitiser and how quick the cleaning process is, saving a lot of time.”

The Deko also converts to a setup that allows a wide range of other ward items to be washed, such as four standard wash bowls, raised toilet seats, toilet brushes and holders.  It can also come with an instrument gage to wash and disinfect small items including kidney dishes.

As the Hospice is located on Wairau Hospital grounds they took the recommendations of the DHB which has them installed in Wairau and Nelson Hospitals.  We have about 100 Deko’s installed throughout the country, in hospices, care homes, private and public hospitals.

To read more about the Deko 190 GT, contact us today [email protected]

Deko 190 GT washer disinfector