Deko 190 GT washer disinfector

The Deko 190 is a washing unit that handles almost every ward cleaning task quickly, easily and hygienically.

The Deko 190 GT is ideal for prisons, aged care facilities, clinics, hospitals and other infection control facilities.

Cleaning at ward level is in most cases a risky manual process. At ward level all re-useable items should be treated as infectious. They need to be made safe before commencing any further processing stages.

The Deko 190 is a washing unit that handles almost every ward cleaning task quickly, easily and hygienically. The Deko 190 automatically flushes, washes and disinfects bedpans and lids, urine bottles, hand wash basins, suction bottles, buckets, kidney bowls, theatre overshoes and vases. The Deko 190 has an integrated drop down shelf provides space for 4 hand wash basins or a mop bucket with seating ring. The shelf can also be utilised as a base to accommodate and process inserts and washing accessories e.g. kidney dishes, bowls, vases, toilet brushes / holders, as well as, various hollow ware.

Using additional optional holders and baskets enables the correct positioning and easy loading of various items, e.g. carpet squares, suction jars & medicine pots, and extends the DEKO 190’s capacity and versatility.

The Deko 190 GT has a large wash chamber and capacity for automatic emptying and processing of 2 bedpans with lids and 4 urine bottles simultaneously.

It also pre-washes instruments prior to CSSD, thus eliminating exposure due to manual handling. So, one Deko-190 not only does the job of two traditional machines, but also saves your staff hours of messy, manual labour. This results in improved staff productivity, big savings in space, electricity and water costs, and above all, improved infection control practices.

It is a simple, safe and cost effective process that minimises risk to both staff and patients. The Deko-190, its accessories and detergent are registered with the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (TGA).

The Deko-190 complies with all relevant Australian standards, ISO 15883-1 & ISO 15883-3 and has a Watermark licence.


  • The Difference: Deko 190 Washer Disinfector & Bedpan Flusher Sanitiser
    A bedpan flusher sanitiser empties and sanitises a bed pan. Where as the Deko 190 flushes, washes with detergent, rinses and disinfects a bedpan with steam according to ISO 15883-3.
    The Rhima Deko 190 is the only machine that washes like a dishwasher with hot soapy water and after a hot rinse, disinfects with steam. It not only disinfects the utensils but also the entire inside cabinet and piping system. No other flusher/sanitiser/disinfector has the cleaning efficacy of the Deko 190.

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    • Pre-set programs & interface
    What is a bedpan washer?

    The term bedpan washer is unfortunately used to describe machines ranging from very basic operation to ultra sophisticated.  A more appropriate term would be human waste washer/disinfector.

    A bedpan washer could mean:

    –       A machine that flushes and empties a full bedpan – this does not mean it gets washed, sanitised or disinfected

    –       A machine that flushes, empties and sanitises a full bed pan – sanitising is not the same as disinfection

    –       A machine that flushes, empties, fixed time rinses with detergent and disinfects a full bedpan – disinfection can only take place when items are clean

    –       A machine that flushes, programmed washes with detergent, power rinses and disinfects a full bedpan or any other receptacle with human waste (vomit bowls, washbowl, kidney dish etc) – this can only be achieved by the Deko-190

    Do I need to empty bed pans and urine bottles prior to putting them into a Deko 190 washer disinfector?

    No there is no need to empty bed pans and urine bottles prior to putting them into the Deko 190. The Deko 190 is unique whereby it flushes, washes, sanitises and disinfects all items including the inside cabinet and piping system of the whole machine.

    What is a washer disinfector?

    A washer disinfector is a machine that has the build of a commercial dishwasher, often with the cycle phases of a domestic dishwasher, but capable of maintaining a disinfection temperature that complies with the disinfection standards. This high temperature can be reached using either very hot (90oC +) or steam (100oC+) for the disinfection phase.