New Surge unit at Hutt Hospital

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by installing a Rhima Deko 190 sluice machine.

Rhima has just installed one of its Deko 190 sluice machines into the new seven bed surge unit at Hutt Valley DHB.

Hutt Valley DHB has worked to significantly increase the ICU capacity across the region as part of the response to COVID-19.

The new unit will enable them to care for many more critically ill patients than they usually do. The unit was built in less than two weeks and was transformed from an old ICU ward. To get this new ward up and running, it required exceptional work from infection control, engineering, maintenance staff and suppliers.

As cross contamination is of paramount importance, they needed a washer disinfector that would ensure product used was disinfected but also that staff were not exposed to contamination during the process of emptying and cleaning ward equipment.

They contacted Rhima who had a Deko 190 Sluice machine ready to be installed in a matter of days.

The Deko 190 was chosen as it has the ability to automatically sluice, so staff are not exposed to splash back or aerosol risk associated with old fashioned sluicing.  Equipment is placed in the Deko, and once the door is closed contents are emptied down the drain. It is then automatically flushed, washed (with hot water and detergent), rinsed and disinfected with steam.

The Deko 190’s highly effective and efficient wash system is similar to a washer/disinfector giving it the highest C-Diff reduction of any human waste disinfector.

Rhima was proud to help out Hutt Hospital and provide the right product to make sure staff and patients are kept safe.