St Georges Private Hospital

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and reduces OH&S risks for staff from such things as the coronavirus or norovirus


Rhima has installed the first Deko 190 ward washer disinfector in a New Zealand DHB. Christchurch Hospital after a two month trial are installing 8 units. We have also installed another Deko washer disinfector at St George’s Private Hospital in Christchurch.

This is a vote of confidence from a major New Zealand DHB in the ability of the Deko to improve hygiene and reduce OH&S risks for staff from such things as the coronavirus or norovirus.

The Deko ward washer disinfector can be used to wash a wide range of ward equipment from bedpans and bottles to raised toilet seats and bowls.

Any ward equipment whether items need to be sterilized or simply disinfected, first need to be washed.

The patented recirculation washing principal of the Deko 190 contributes to the best cleaning efficacy on the market. The Deko 190 automatically empties the contents (eliminating the requirement to pre-sluice and reduces OH&S risk associated with manual sluicing) flushes, washes, rinses and then thermally disinfects with steam. The 340 x 480 x 360mm chamber can even fit a mop bucket.

If you would like more information on this latest technology call on 0800 902 054.